Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Story So Far...


Blogging! This is a new one on me, perhaps I’m just showing my age. Most people I’m sure would rather I was showing my age, than prancing about in a bright orange Speedo thong.

So here it is, my first blog, once upon a time I had said, if I every started one, I wouldn’t be making my first post about ‘my first blog’, apparently I lied. Oh well, what you going to do about it? Telling myself little white lies has been a long tradition in my life. The first major one I can remember must have been when I uttered,

“Nah I’d never be a Mod…”

In the early 80’s I used to tag along with a bunch of robot dancers and toddle down to the nappy nite at Cinder’s. Well long story short within six months I was a Mod. What can I say; I have always loved suits, and shoes.
Recently I have decided to embark on some sort of deluded writing odyssey. I think it might be some sort of mid-life crisis - we shall see. Anyway, while writing my first novel - a story driven non-fiction, about my neurotic adventures in Japan. I have been intentionally sabotaging its progress by entering as many writing competitions as possible. Some of these stories I have posted as notes on my new public Facebook page, I felt if I wanted to be a writer I may as well put my fledgling style ‘out there’.

I haven’t written anything since school, and I couldn’t be bothered to do much then. So I apologise in advance for the shocking spelling and grammar – some days I seem to apply commas with an Uzi, in a crazed ‘drive-by’ style.

I would like to thank all my friends and family for their ongoing love and support; it’s been an insane few years. To Sarah for her patience, Bexx and Toby for putting up with and editing my shocking first drafts, and still sounding supportive on the fifth. Toby again for listening to my drivel as we travelled around Japan, twice you fool. Garrie for asking me about Auburnville; when I was still deciding on the name for the project. Kevan for sending me his book as a birthday present, after not having spoken for 20 years it was a fantastic surprise. Possibly one of the most important, Luke, thank you for coming home that night.

I hope you find something, that you enjoy reading on my Facebook page - Explore Auburnville. There will be a website eventually, and I hope to keep updating this blog with my ranting and maybe, something occasional news worthy.
Until next time…

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