Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Story So Far...

Here we are almost at the end of February and I can honestly say it’s been a real busy month. Unfortunately not in terms of words written or money made, but then there is always March…

Back in December after a discussion with my old School friend Kevan Manwaring, I decided to stop writing my novel in the first person, and to re-write it in the third person… Oh I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. In all honesty, at times I wish I’d thrown it in the bin and started on a new one. But as they say – and I would love to know who ‘they’ are – it’s better to be consistent and persistent. So I will keep going, although going ‘where’ may be the big question.

My friends are all keeping themselves busy, Kevan Manwaring has a new book out, for those of you with a poetic heart why not check out:

Or keep up to date with him on his Facebook or his blog:
Bard on a Bike

Now I met a man along time ago playing an online game called City of Heroes, we got on well and even though he lives almost the other end of the country to me, we managed to meet up. Imagine my surprise when this little car pulled up and this huge man monster squeezed out of the driving seat. I’m 5’ 8” in my Cuban heals, Dave must be about 6’ 4” and what was more shocking than that? We look almost identical, we’re almost the same age, and we can easily waste two hours on the phone to each other putting the world to rights. Now it turns out he is also an aspiring writer, he has written many interesting articles about Writing and Chess – of all things - you can find him on:

But remember the first rule of Chess club is, don’t talk about Chess club!

Another old school friend of mine, Garrie Fletcher is a published poet and is also writing a novel. He’s well worth a read. Join his Facebook at:!/garrie.fletcher

Garrie has far more discipline than me and I have no doubt that his novel will be first draft complete long before mine. I’m tempted to lay down a wager, or challenge him to a duel maybe… Garrie choose your weapon!

Last of all, I would like to ‘BIG UP’ - I believe the term is – my good friend Toby Edmonds. We travelled to Japan together twice, and he happily edits my writing on a regular basis. Which is good as sometimes it’s really, really bad, and just when I perhaps should stop my gushing for fear that people might rumble our bromance, he has only gone and got me a ticket to see Kodo in March… What a star!
Why not check out his blog:
It always makes me laugh…

What do you mean you haven’t heard of Kodo? Ok check this out:

So to sum up… February was busy, March is promising to be better, and I must work harder, play hard and remember to put nutmeg on my porridge.

Until next time…


  1. Domo arigato for the big-up, baby. I look forward to continuing my role as first-stop editor-in-chief and may our night watching uber-fit Nihonjin banging their drums be as enjoyable as our first shared Kodo experience in the Royal Festival Hall with those toxic bitches we were unfortunately stuck with at the time... ;)

  2. Lee,

    It was my girlfriends car....what can I say?

    Thanks for the "big up" but as a "huge man monster" do I really need it? :D

    May you have better luck in March. And for yet another synchronicity in our lives I am changing tack on my blog slightly for the duration of March...

    As they say "Watch this space".