Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Story So Far...

I've recently applied for a part-time job in a book shop - I'm not going to say which one in case I don't get it. Whether I do or not I've decided to make at least one post a month (starting in August) with a round up and review of the books I've recently enjoyed reading.
Is it just me or does anyone else like the smell of new books/bookshops? I find it very... Calming, or am I just a pervert?

This time last year I was in Japan and was about to climb Mt Fuji, the climb that (as Cartman would say) 'Warped my tiny little mind.'
Anyhow, it was just after returning from Japan that I wrote 'Fuji-San' my first written work since leaving school, it may not be the best written work in the history of man but its honest and, I've been told has a very human quality. If you haven't read it yet... Why not?

Last week I attended my son's first Sports Day and I allowed myself to be talked into the Dad's race. My chances - I figured - must be pretty good, after all I'm not a complete couch potato, I jog, and I'm quite active. I lined up, shoulder to shoulder with the forty-a-day men and the couple-of-jars after work or the footy men...
We started...
My legs pumped and my heart raced - this is where I would make my mark and twenty five years of shame would be erased...
100m stood between me and glory, and then it was over. I looked round eager to catch a glimpse of my son, to see his smile, the joy and the wonder in his eyes. There he was blowing a raspberry at me, thumbs down,
'Boo... You're rubbish Dad!' he cried.
It was true twenty five years have passed and I still came in last place. At school I was never one for sport, always in the last three to be picked for the team (ahead of the one that always smelt of wee and the asthmatic). I never excelled, and it would seem still don't.

But the difference between now and then... Now it doesn't matter, I don't think it even mattered back then, and the strange thing is the other dads who I used to struggle to get a conversation going with, now won't shut up!

So what has this taught me, well apart from don't run silly bloody sprints as your legs are going to ache for days and you're going to hobble up and down the stairs like your step-dad (and he's had both his hips replaced). Well I'm not sure its taught me anything, but I hope it's taught my son something about losing well, not throwing your dummy out the pram because you can't get your own way, yes I was pissed off but outside I was smiling because I know one thing.
Next year I can start training in April!

Until next time...

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  1. Keep running Lee. Have known you for some years I'd guess you probably are a pervert but that's no bad thing where books are concerned.

    What is it about us 'kids' who were shit a sport suddenly thinking we can now hack it? A few years ago I started playing 5 a side football! Can you believe it? I was fucking awful but after weeks of burning lungs, collapsing knees and a dislocated thumb I finally managed to look mediocre on the pitch. This gave me almost as much please as the one goal I managed to score, almost. I walk now, it's far more civilised and it doesn't hinder my concentration when daydreaming.