Monday, 24 January 2011

The Story So Far...

Well it's almost the end of January and it had been my intention to write this post next week to catch the very end of the month but by posting 'The Dress' last week I've managed to throw a spanner in my own plans - which makes a nice change.

This month the Tabloids are alive with the sound of Celeb divorce and speculation as to whether or not another X-Factor darling is playing 'hide the salami' with a dancer... but I really don't care enough to manage sarcasm let alone spit forth with some righteous fury - I will just ask, why are we even surprised? You see this month has been a tough one for many people, overseas and especially closer to home, and my thoughts are with them right now.

[I need to change the subject as I've just spent 15 minutes staring at the cursor].

If you have read the previous post [The Dress] you will be aware from my little wobble before the story that my confidence has been shaken recently, not for any great reason; the rejection in question must have just landed in my inbox on a bad day... I'm not going to go back over that, I just wanted to tell you dear reader that I've had some serious words with myself and consulted the 'Magic Eight Ball' and its answer was 'definitely' [as to what the question was, now that would be telling].

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little update with a few bits of Blogtastical news [and that's tastical not testicle dear reader]. January may just be the big turning point for the readership with over 1200 views already this month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 1500 views by the end of the month - it could happen. The blog is now read in over 40 countries and for two weeks of this month I've had more reads from the USA than the UK, which seems odd but I'm not knocking it and I would like to thank each and every one of you. In fact it's safe to say that I'm beyond chuffed with the way things are exceeding my expectations. I'm sure an amount of this extra traffic has come through Twitter, which I'm still attempting to get my head around.

I have recently [through the Twitterverse] made the acquaintance of a New York writer by the name Jessica F Kane and she has sent me her book "The Report" which I'm now reading [I would have finished it if I'd posted this damn thing next week, Grrr]. "In March 1943, one hundred seventy-three people died in a London air-raid shelter, on a night when no bombs fell". This is out in the UK in march [now in the USA] and I have to say so far this is a gripping, very well written, and compelling read. Thank you JFK for sending me a copy. For fans of Sci-Fi shenanigans I've managed to get my hands on a very interesting anthology called "Engineering Infinity" which I will give you more details about next month.

Well that's me about done, I'm hoping for your sakes that next month I'm in a more angry and ranting state or this might get a little tedious. I've just sought the advice of the Magic Eight Ball and its answer was "as it sees it, yes", fingers crossed.

Until next time...

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