Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Story So Far...

I'm having to type in a whisper, I hope you are reading this quietly...
Why you ask!
Well 7 weeks ago my second son sprang forth from Lady Auburnville in a beautiful shower of blood and placenta and turned our little lives upside down.
He may be small but he has caused enough of a wonderful blip to the norm that I have allowed him to completely derail my writing - even now he is squirming away in his crib next to my desk. My study reduced to a nursery (well sort of a 50/50 share). Mother and baby are both doing well. Now it may be true that (in my opinion) most babies at birth resemble Winston Churchill, but in my son's case he needed some assistance to reach our world and ended being encouraged out with the use of a suction device which has temporarily given him a cone head (points and giggles at the boy). Couple this with baby weighing in at only 6lbs and a whisker meant that he had plenty of loose skin to grow into. Yes he looked like Futurama's Professor Farnsworth... but really old professors are cute right?

Normal service will resume, fingers crossed.

Until next time...

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