Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Story So Far...

Okay it’s fair to say I’ve been an absentee blogger… I should hang my head in shame, my last posts were back in July. Yes I have a few good reasons, of course I do. What’s that? "You want answers, and you’re not leaving ‘til you get them!" In that case its only fair that I give you one (I'm pretty sure we've all heard that before).

Well where to start, my son is now five months old, we are still sharing the “Nurdy” (the nursery/study). He’s doing very well, but now has started making noises in an attempt to communicate, most of his beeps, squelches and squeaks remind me of R2D2, I’m pleased to say he no longer looks like Professor Farnsworth… His head is still a little pointy though.

I’ve been promoted at work, which is nice. I sell books (other peoples) for a living, in case you didn’t know. The new role in store means I get to crack the whip behind a multitude of Christmas contracted new employees… all I want to hear is the crack of bat against buttock and the cry of -to quote “Animal House” (I think it was)  “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  Of course we don’t get to do that to our co-workers here in the UK. I’ve been told by highly unreliable sources that it’s totally permissible Stateside though… So maybe a transfer is the way forward. Although I’m not sure I can trust a country that doesn’t play cricket, and has a world series where only they get to participate. I’m sure somebody will point out the error of my thinking (probably a soccer fan).

I also had knee surgery a couple of months ago, I was planning a bit of Micro non-fiction to commemorate that experience, as I’m such a wimp that was my first Op in 42 years. (Yeah, yeah I know I don’t look it, but what you going to do, I’ve had an easy paper-round.)

What has me the most excited this week though is my novel (well the first draft). No, I haven’t finished yet, but I’m close so close, I can almost touch it.

My best guess, is that I’m approximately ten thousand words away, at my current rate that’s about three weeks work. Yes that does sound a little slow, but have you tried finding time to do anything for yourself when you’re working full time, have children… Oh and a cat, did I mention the knee op. Okay, so I type slow,  and yes it’s taken me bloody ages, not least because most the time I ended up looking at twitter or YouTube, lint harvesting from my belly button, or picking my toe nails… (Yes I know now that I should just have been writing.) What can I say, everything I learned about writing I learned from Stewie!

Anyway enough about me… What have you been up to? And does anyone have any useful advice for when I finish the first draft? I was planning on getting drunk, but that may not be very constructive.

Until next time…

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