Thursday, 7 January 2010

Busted ( Microfiction )

Months after our first kiss, just after Cassie’s sixteenth birthday, her Father would return from work early and interrupt our first attempted sexual encounter. He had shot us both a very accusing glance and demanded to know what had been going on. We denied everything - well we hadn’t gotten very far; after some very energetic kissing and fooling around Cassie decided it was time. We had discussed losing our virginities at length, and wanted it to be special – this apparently was special enough. I was never a very good boy scout and as usual wasn’t prepared. Unprotected sex wasn’t an option regardless of how keen we were. So we began darting around the house trying to find something suitable. Unfortunately there were no condoms to be found upstairs in either her parent’s or elder sister’s rooms.
“What about the kitchen” she said,
“You want to have sex in the kitchen?”
“No - Maybe we can find something to put on you there”, she continued.
“What, like cling-film?” this was starting to ruin the mood, and as I walked into the kitchen I found her with a couple of freezer bags in her hands.
“What about these” she smiled,
“You must be joking” I said pulling on my T-shirt.
“Don’t be like that” she said, while kissing me and trying all she could to get her own way.
It was then we heard the key in the door, dashing back into the lounge desperately tugging on and re-arranging our clothes, my pockets stuffed with underwear, before throwing ourselves into the chairs at exactly the point her Father opened the door. After some heated words we waited until he had left the room, and then on Cassie’s insistence I slipped away, leaving her to deal with his bad mood.

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