Saturday, 16 January 2010

It Was Only A Dream ( Simple Script Sample )

‘Do you want another pint?’

‘Nah! You’re Ok… I gotta’ get going soon’.

‘Cool, where you off to, to see Liz?’

‘Yeah… We’ve been talking about moving in together’.

‘Really, that’s cool man, she’s a nice girl’.

‘Yeah she is…’

‘Me and Lou were talking ‘bout her couple of nights ago, we both said we thought she was the right one for you’.

‘Really, that’s nice, cheers man. How is Lou? Haven’t seen her for ages.’

‘She’s good, gotta’ lot on at the mo’ though, what with work and studying for exams and shit!’

‘Really? Cause a little bird told me you’re in the dog house mate!’

‘Who did you hear that off then…? I bet it was Kev?’

‘Hah! How did you guess? He told me that Helen had told him, that you’d upset Lou when you were pissed the other night!’

‘I don’t know what all the fuss was about; I just said that I’d had a dream ‘bout her and Liz getting it on, while… I… Watched…!’

‘What, my fucking Liz?’

‘Mate, it was a dream’.

‘Carl, you had some wet fucking dream about my fucking girlfriend!’

‘C’mon mate wasn’t ‘just’ your Girlfriend; Lou was in it too…’

‘Oh well that’s ok then… So what was going on in this little wet dream of yours?’

‘Well that’s the cool bit, there they were…’

‘I’m gonna’ fucking twat you if you carry on like that!’

‘Sorry, sorry really… Ok? Look Paul, I don’t know what all the fuss was about, nothing really happened… Honest.’

‘Go on then.’

‘Well… It was like I was the director of a movie. I was sitting there in a chair, across from them… They started kissing, you know ‘full on’ really going for it.’


‘Yeah, and then I told them to start un-buttoning each others blouses. Lou was kissing down Liz’s neck - she was digging it man! Liz had her head back, and was groaning. Then they started touching each other, caressing… you know?’



‘And then what?’

‘Well then I woke up, I told you nothing really fucking happened’.

‘Sounded good though?’

‘Yeah it was’.


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