Friday, 8 January 2010

The Story So Far...

I knew it was a mistake to start this blog before Christmas, what with shopping, school holidays, family and friends; I didn’t seem to have any ‘me’ time. Well its 2010 and I can make up for that now… Can’t I?

Just after I started this blog back in December, I spent an excellent weekend with my long-lost best friend from upper school, the author and storyteller Kevan Manwaring.
Reunited after twenty years, I would like to tell you we ripped Plymouth up with such a drunken binge that the very Gods themselves sang songs about us….
But the truth is we had a few too many beers and compared scarves. My better half declared us ‘Metrosexuals’ which of course we denied, while throwing hand-cream and lip balms at her, in an attempt to drive the evil harpy away. We then proceeded to share tales of life over the past twenty years whilst skipping about the streets of Plymouth. I would like to think that we renewed our bromance…
I also attended one of Kevan’s book readings, to promote his latest instalment of the Windsmith Elegy.
It was a very cold night, the turn out was smaller than hoped, but that aside it was still a very enjoyable evening. I hope to attend the Garden of Awen event in Febuary, weather permitting.
Check out his work, join his facebook, just make a nuisance of yourself!

Until next time...

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